After getting thrown out of his mom's house in beverly hills, a naive rich kid must learn how to survive in the real world for the very first time.

Sid Frisbee is living the good life. His privileged friends have money and access, and his mom pays all the bills at the fancy condo they share in Beverly Hills. When Sid's mother unexpectedly cuts him off, Sid is grossly unprepared. He needs to find a way to make money, and fast. He pawns his Rolex for first-month's rent, and thus begins the adventure that will take Sid from a life of privilege in Beverly Hills to that of poverty in Skid Row. Sid must quickly learn how to navigate adult life and his finances for the very first time - as a 35-year-old. As Sid moves between the worlds, he begins to see his privileged upbringing from a new point of view. As old friends argue about tiny problems and squabble about their status, Sid struggles to relate, but that's only half the story. In order to survive he will have to accept his new self as a Broke A$$ Rich Kid.


Broke A$$ Rich Kid comes from my experiences growing up in an ethnic Russian family in Beverly Hills. Like many of my other friends who were raised by wealthy immigrants, I was never given the grind skills to be independent. The path was set for me to follow my siblings and cousins into the family business. Whether I wanted to or not was irrelevant. In my late 20s I started to have panic attacks. Years of therapy later, when I finally did become independent, I lacked the tools for survival. I rarely invited my Beverly Hills friends to my first apartment because I was ashamed of it, and where I lived. In order to make money, I started at the bottom and worked. While my hip millennial friends were buying houses in Silverlake, I was cleaning plates at trendy restaurants to make ends meet, sometimes even their plates. Getting through the stress and the struggle gave me a thick skin. As time went on, I began to see my old world from a different point of view. It was a thrilling experience and served as the basis for what is now Broke A$$ Rich Kid.
- Allen E. Landver